How Panda update affect website ranking

Panda update is the most recent update in Google’s algorithm. Well previous update of Google algorithm was to improve the quality of sites and giving less rank to low quality sites or thin sites. This change affects almost 12 percent of search results of Google queries. Panda update in Google has received many updates since its original update roll out in the front all internet marketers and SEO companies in February 2011.

It’s a huge blow on the face of spammers and content farms all over the internet, in other words, we can say that Panda eats spam’s as breakfast and black hat internet marketer for dinner. Content Farms are those sites which achieve thousands of articles. These updates totally affect the SERP (Search Engine Result Pages). If you are going to make a website, then there is definitely a need of higher ranking.

Spamming is another way of increasing ranking on Google until Panda update algorithm comes in use.
Google keep updating its SERP technique to deliver relevant and informative content and websites to user. The methods which are used to rank the websites are always changing. Webmaster’s and website owner have to make sure that their website meeting the guidelines, rules and regulations of good and legal SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Panda update work in mainly two ways in real- time the first one is to promote and provide good quality and popular content to the user.

Second is fetching spam content and it also making sure it never comes in the search result?

Spammers of the internet market are those who use different search engine optimization techniques to cheat on search engine in order to increase the rank. Content of the spammer is irrelevant to the keywords which are aims to rank for poor in quality. Many article submission sites directly publish the article instead of reviewing it. The content can be copied or not original, the Panda update make sure that content should be unique and posted on the relative sites that it can useful for the users.

Websites and webmaster who are already using legal SEO and white hat techniques for ranking up are getting more benefit since Google’s Panda update revealed. The Panda update algorithm is stop the spammers and work against black hat SEO companies. Now it also concerns that what aspect of good quality and high ranked website like proper use of keyword and key phrases not too many or not few, fresh copy of content and many more. Practice of the SEO is going to modified after this update for better results.
If you are webmaster and want to do well SEO and other ranking operation than the Panda is there for giving you a direction of self evolution of a website quality. Article generators are trying their best to increase ranking. Those who are working as professional and original copy of their content may seem some benefit. That’s how Google’s Panda update affecting the websites, web pages and webmasters job.

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