Importance of mobile website and how to start SEO for that

Today the mobile web is at the highest evolution of it and this time is becoming mystical. Nobody knows that which mind blasting application or program and business model going to win.  In the modern era websites are the keystone of any business, company and organization. But only PC based websites are not enough now days. The web designers and web developers are now working on the special version of the websites that is mobile version of the websites. The mobile websites are the need of the youth of this era. The main reason of creating a mobile version of the website is that this is now recommended by the Google.

Right now only less than 2 percent of businesses had their mobile friendly websites. In 2102 there is more than 1 billion users use mobile internet as their primary access point worldwide. Only in America 35 percent of users search the mobile internet intentionally for accessing the shopping and comparing the pricing of the products. A mobile website really breaks down into three major district choices. And these three district choice are mobile friendly websites, website optimized for the mobile, and yes a mobile website. Here mobile friendly website means that your website should be easily accessed by the smart phones or tablet using the connection of mobile web. Website optimized for the mobile means that the website fit in the screen of the cell phone. A mobile website is entirely different website specially made for the mobile and it must have the special URL address like mobile dot google dot com.

A perfect mobile website SEO is complicated and the exciting. The mobile website optimization work is complicated because there are many things to be done and discover. The search engine optimization of mobile website is very exciting because there are hundreds of ways to do the work. The one of the key rule of mobile website optimization is that your task is to position yourself within a search engine’s mobile specific predictive search. This is the primary work of the every business to visible in the predictive search of the mobile websites on the network of the cell phone. Well good mobile website optimizers are work on the basic and specific needs of the user and then start answering. It can be like focused on the local that may need specifically the content which targeted.

The other key points to starting mobile website optimization are like identifying the behavior of your current mobile users which coming from the natural search results and how does it relate to the general organic traffic. There are many ways to identify the natural search detail and the mobile website optimizer can easily identify with the Google analytics which are the most use mobile devices. You should also have to check that what keywords and pages are used by the mobile device users to visit the site. With the Google analytics you can view the full information about the visitors of your site and get the info about organic mobile keyword and landing pages.

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